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Aspen glasfiberpool Forstør

Aspen glasfiberpool


Fibreglass pools are the perfect solution for customers who require high-end pools with minimum disruption. The pools are available in di erent shapes, sizes and colors to create the look and feel a customer requires. The pools are made of high quality  breglass laminate with a smooth surface for a high level of comfort and  nish.

Flere detaljer

DKK 119.990,00

  • 6,30 x 3,15 x 1,50 meter
  • 7,50 x 3,15 x 1,50 meter

Yderligere information

10 years guarantee on construction Exceptional durability and strong construction Perfect resistance to freezing weather A special TÜV approved, gel-coat creates the glossy surface layer and is particularly resistant to the long term in uence of chloride, as well as UV radiation and changes in temperature The construction of each pool is additionally strengthened with metal, which gives the pool a rigid shell. The pool is produced with an extra polyurethane foam on the outside of the pool, which insulates and prevents large heat loss. All pools are equipped with an extra layer of reinforced bottom insulation and are produced in Europe

in a luxury version with a durable ceramic core.

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